Weather vs Nebraska


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Since most weather stations still get it wrong for the next 24-48 hours, I would wait until midnight Friday to worry.


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Since most weather stations still get it wrong for the next 24-48 hours, I would wait until midnight Friday to worry.
Disagree with that. Maybe they might get the exact time of when it will rain off, but I think with 1-2 days it's pretty accurate. Almost boring.


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We need to focus on weather one game at a time, otherwise it will negatively affect the team’s performance somehow tomorrow.


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I should have waited about one more day to start this thread. My original forecast is going to be way off.

Bundle up, it's going to be a cold one, but should still be a fun atmosphere. Game temperatures in the mid-30s with light snow showers likely. SW wind of 10-15 mph.


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Time to break out the Klim gear. Mys Bayfield and I are ready. Will be like a day at the beach compared to the Wisky game in 2013 and Iowa in 2011.

Bring it!


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The long range forecasts tend to be more accurate for temps than they are for precipitation but for what it is worth as of this morning it looks like a not-so-nice day with temps in the mid 30's with some snow and rain mixture. Basically, the kind of day that Purdue would not want to play here.

We'll see how this changes, especially with the snow/rain side of the forecast but for now it looks like the chances of moisture drop under 50% in time for tailgate and game activities.


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We have had two crummy springs and falls in a row - Twins luck out with nice weather tonight!


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That's why today was 59 and sunny?
I'll give you that getting within 5-10 degrees is not always accurate. It was cloudy instead of partly cloudy on Friday, and that dropped the temps. What I care about when I am tuning into a TV forecast is:

- Is it going to impact a work commute?
- Do I need a jacket, umbrella etc?
- Am I going to get my golf round in and if so be able to wear shorts?
- What do I need to prepare for a day at TCF Bank or a HS football game?

That stuff is pretty spot on within 24-48 hrs (as it was for the Illini game) on Ch 9.


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I submit that the bad weather games + doing well ... the crowd always seems more into it.

Something about the adventure and spirit of those folks gritting it out.


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I've been tearing the house apart looking for my Gopher parka. Didn't think I would need it.

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GWG, can you give us an updated outlook? What are your thoughts on kickoff temp, precip during the game, and average wind?

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