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  1. What will Jordan Murphy be remembered for?
  2. Offical Net ranking thread
  3. Nate Mason: Just Got Cleared After A Long Ass 7 Months!!!
  4. Restaurant recs around Williams Arena?
  5. Player on top 100 team that mirrors Coffey's skill set and style of play
  6. Wild Brawl Breaks Out At Middle School Basketball Game In New Jersey
  7. Free admission to Gopher athletics events for Federal employees + 1
  8. Pick Per Day 1/24/19
  9. Pick Per Day 1/25/19
  10. Big Ten Tournament Pairings: 40% of the way for Gophers
  11. Gophers an 8 seed in Jerry Palm's latest Bracketology
  12. Q&A with Daniel Oturu
  13. 1972 Ohio State Game Anniversary
  14. Pick Per Day 1/26/19
  15. Chip Scoggins: Point-guard puzzle stymies Gophers basketball
  16. STrib: Gabe Kalscheur's 'business' mentality vital to hot start with Gophers
  17. Shooter: Jim Shikenjanski is a wine salesman for Trinchero Family Estates, has 3 sons
  18. Shooter: A street in Campbellsville, Ky. has been named Clem Haskins Boulevard
  19. Shooter: For some reason it’s been understated but Murphy should get jersey retired
  20. Shooter: Depending on circumstances don't discount Ryan Saunders as U HC candidate
  21. Rick Barnes, Clem & Yevette Haskins discuss greatest Gopher game ever played: '97 S16
  22. Star Telegram: Shaka Smarts a good coach but at wrong school. And he’s no Rick Barnes
  24. Big Ten Games today
  25. Pick Per Day 1/27/19
  26. Oturu out with a shoulder injury
  27. House Report: Gabe Kalscheur makes big plays in the Gophers' 92-87 win over Iowa
  28. Video: Gophers Defeat Hawkeyes 92-87 Highlights
  29. Who was the last gopher player
  30. Isaac Copeland Jr. U of NE
  31. Status of Oturu's shoulder
  32. Lunardi's B1G rankings make no sense to me! Help me SS!
  33. B1G Strength of Wins Rankings: Gophers sit 5th
  34. Pick Per Day 1/28/19
  35. Field of 68 Projection (through Jan. 27)
  36. Murphy Shares Big Ten Player of the Week Award
  37. Impressive "Who Hates Iowa" chant last night (video)
  38. Here's an excellent look at the prospective tournament field/bubble
  39. How are the coaches reportedly caught talking $$$$ on wire tap faring this season?
  40. Gabe is better now than he was when the season started.
  41. Q&A: Hopkins Junior Kerwin Walton Has Gophers Offer, Talks Recruiting
  42. Will they cancel Wednesday’s game vs Illinois?
  43. Dunking in Warmups
  44. Penny Hardaway: Memphis staff's NBA background creating 'jealousy' among coaches
  45. Pick Per Day 1/29/19
  46. Blind Resume Part I: 3 Teams For Final At-Large Bid
  47. MN Daily: Marcus Carr still working hard despite sitting out season
  48. Is it a good thing the rest of our schedule is brutal?
  49. Pitino on Oturu's status: "We hope to decide by game time.”
  50. What will the actual attendance be at Illinois/Minnesota game?
  51. STrib: Stain removal: Gophers hope to erase memory of rout at Illinois
  52. Pick Per Day 1/30/19
  53. Shama: Murphy has gone through his career under appreciated in this town & beyond
  54. Shama: If I could draft 1 former Gopher to start a team, it would be Bobby Jackson
  55. Help, my Directv isn't picking up BTN, how can I watch tonight free
  57. I hope the Gophers are highly efficient tonight against Illinois!
  58. Josh Langford out for the year
  59. House Report: Isaiah Washington provides a spark in Gophers' 86-75 win over Illinois
  60. Big Ten Tournament Pairings At Halfway Point For Gophers
  61. Video Highlights: Gopher Men's Basketball Defeats Illinois 86-75
  62. Pick Per Day 1/31/19
  63. Pitino and the state of the program
  64. Who else wants Daniel Fa'a'le'le to play PF next year?
  65. Gophers/Illini 3pm on BTN
  66. Nate Mason has signed a G League contract and is eligible to be claimed off waivers
  67. Quadrant 1 Wins
  68. Pick Per Day 2/1/19
  69. For The Math Dorks Like Myself
  70. Pick Per Day, Groundhog Day Edition
  71. Purdue is a 12 point favorite over the Gophers
  73. Pick Per Day 2/3/19
  74. House Report: Purdue's big second half run lifts them past the Gophers, 73-63
  75. Gophers Path To NCAA Tournament Bid (21 Wins)
  76. Silver lining
  77. STrib: Amir Coffey is leading Gophers, while developing potential NBA skills
  78. Pick Per Day 2/4/19
  79. ESPN: Kansas AD: Faith in NCAA 'shaken' following Silvio De Sousa ruling
  80. Black History Month Q&A: Damian Johnson
  81. STrib: Now as a reserve, Daniel Oturu still providing boost; Curry injury uncertain
  82. Congrats to Amir Coffey for reaching 1,000 points
  83. Coach Pitino's son had to go to the bathroom during the Purdue game (video)
  84. STrib: Greenville University scores 200 points. But is this a classy ending?
  85. Field of 68 Projection (through Feb. 3)
  86. Gophers free throw stats with 9 conference games remaining
  87. Will the Gophers go with the Slap-A-Happ approach on Wendsday?
  88. What should be our expectations for Gopher Men's basketball?
  89. Who is your non-Dook pick to win it all?
  90. Our tradition. Our Barn. Our home.
  91. Nate Mason signs with Maverick's G-League Affiliate
  92. Richard Pitino radio show?
  93. With NCAA investigation underway, Arizona's Sean Miller faces complicated future
  94. Pick Per Day 2/5/19
  95. STrib Editorial Board: Will the Final Four be worth the cost? No doubt
  96. Madison.com: Border boom: Badgers' success fueled by talented players from Minnesota
  97. Greder: The goal is for Curry to be ready to play Badgers on Wednesday.
  98. Presser Points: Pitino names his son "MVP" and previews the Border Battle
  99. Pitino Interview on BTN
  100. ***OFFICIAL wisconsin AT MINNESOTA IN-GAME THREAD!!!!***
  101. Monday-Sunday, Gophers haven't had a losing week since the New Year
  102. Pick Per Day 2/6/19
  103. STrib: Gophers' final nine games offer an opportunity to secure an NCAA at-large bid
  104. wisconsin practices "sailor rolls" off the raised floor (video)
  105. House Report: Poor shooting plagues the Gophers in a physical 56-51 loss to Wisconsin
  106. 3-for-29
  107. Who would you rather have? Murphy or Happ
  108. Timberwolves, Grizzlies coaches compare interim tag notes, love of Gophers program
  109. Chip Scoggins: Gophers' poor shooting costly in loss to Badgers
  110. STrib: Wisconsin's Ethan Happ blows kisses to taunting Gophers fans
  111. MN Daily: The game is beginning to slow down for Isaiah Washington
  112. Pick Per Day 2/7/19
  113. Positives
  114. Jeff Goodman: College Coaches on the Hot Seat (Likely Another Year: Pitino, MN)
  115. A candidate for top PF award, Jordan Murphy takes a beating but keeps battling
  116. Shama: NCAA Tourney Looks Iffy for U Now
  117. Ekstrom: Can Anything Cure the Gophers’ Ailing Shooting?
  118. Pick Per Day 2/8/19
  119. 5 For The Tourney
  120. Michigan State basketball faces make-or-break against Minnesota
  121. Pitino Previews MSU
  122. Gophers ask Big Ten for clarification on questionable play in the Wisconsin game
  123. Michigan State -14
  125. STrib: Misses from three-point range adding up in a bad way for Gophers basketball
  126. Pitino said Gophers are looking into playing Brock Stull more to give 3 pt threat
  127. Pick Per Day 2/9/19
  128. Off ball movement
  129. Final 7 Games
  130. House Report: Gophers stomped in a 79-55 blowout at Michigan State
  131. Pitino said U really missed Eric Curry’s presence on defense & as passer out of post
  132. Sid: Hard to believe top-20 finalists for the John Wooden Award didn’t include Murphy
  133. Shooter: Uh-oh. Gophers might need to win 5/7 to get into NCAA Tournament
  134. Shooter: Murphy expected to be invited to Wolves FA camp, likely to play in Europe
  135. Predict which teams will make the Sweet 16
  136. Pick Per Day 2/10/19
  137. Field of 68 Projection (through Feb. 10)
  138. B1G Strength of Wins Rankings (through Feb. 10)
  139. Pick Per Day 2/11/19
  140. Committee top-16 reveal: NET is HUGE
  141. The Weave
  142. Nice story about former Tartan great, Jake Sullivan
  143. Blue Devils
  144. Pick Per Day 2/12/19
  145. All Things Prince Aligbe Recruitment Thread (Class of 2022)
  146. Ekstrom: Approaching Desperation Mode Gophers Look For Road Win Against Struggling NU
  147. Nebraska game
  148. STrib: Gophers in search of answers away from home
  149. Just want to hear the barn rock again
  150. Big 10 tourney tickets
  151. Pick Per Day 2/13/19
  153. Rochester Post Bulletin: Pitino can't afford another ugly road loss
  154. Pitino's post game presser after Nebraska game
  155. House Report: Gophers suffer a dramatic last-second loss at Nebraska
  156. Gopher basketball starting over
  157. Big Ten Tournament Pairings: Weakling Wednesday close to being in play for Gophers
  158. Pick Per Day 2/14/19
  159. Should Amir Coffey been called for a foul on the last play?
  160. Jarvis Johnson Senior Night
  161. Gophers by 15 to 20 points vs. Indiana
  162. Rand: Nebraska loss could impact Richard Pitino's job security which just isn't right
  163. I still support Pitino!
  164. Mount Rushmore of College Coaches
  165. Gophers versus Indiana
  166. Murray State sophomore point guard Ja Morant
  167. Pick Per Day 2/15/19
  168. Bubblicious: My current breakdown of the B1G's 4 bubble teams
  169. As things stand on 2/15/19: Dick Pitino has had a slightly positive 2018/2019 B1G...
  170. Blind Resume Part 2: 3 Teams For 1 Spot
  172. Children at games
  173. Minnesota High School Game Question - DeLaSalle vs CDH
  174. Where is the Love?
  175. House Report: Gophers use strong three-point shooting to pick up a much-needed win
  176. Sid: The Gophers really miss point guard Nate Mason
  177. STrib: Isaiah Washington sits out but Eric Curry returns
  178. Pick Per Day 2/17/19
  179. Omersa at IU Game
  180. Chip Scoggins: Jordan Murphy's name belongs with the Gophers greats
  181. Gophericious Rankings
  182. Field of 68 Projection (through Feb. 17)
  183. Pick Per Day - Presidents Day Edition
  184. Blind Resume Part 3: 5 Teams For 2 Spots
  185. Gophers 2019-20 non-conference schedule
  186. STrib: Tournament chances? Gophers men, women in different places than you may think
  187. STrib: Jordan Murphy earns sixth career Big Ten player of the week honor
  188. Pick Per Day 2/19/19
  189. Blind Resume Part 4: 2 Teams For The Final Spot
  190. Big Ten
  191. Blind Resume Part 5: 2 Teams For 1 At-Large Bid
  192. Murphy's All-Time Gopher Stat Climb
  193. Pitino on Michigan game: "Hopefully, it's a sellout and crazy environment."
  194. UNC-Duke tickets approaching Super Bowl prices
  195. Pick Per Day 2/20/19
  196. Minnesota Recruits of 2020
  197. NCAA Tournament Tickets
  198. Big Ten Tournament--who do we want to play and who do we want to avoid?
  199. It's Only a Matter of Time Before Hoiberg Gets Back Into Coaching. But Where? When?
  200. Rand: Answers we seek: Will MN make the Tournament and will Pitino keep his job
  201. Sid Hartman: Gophers making NCAA tournament would be great recruiting boost
  202. Get Your Butt In The Barn Tonight
  204. PennLive: Reviewing a half-century of Gopher athletic chaos
  205. Pick Per Day 2/21/19
  206. STrib: Richard Pitino's biggest wins? Here's one man's top five
  207. Marcus: A victory Thursday would likely cause fans to storm the court again
  208. PP: Before basketball in Woodbury, Oturus were playing ping pong in Nigeria
  209. With MSU looming, Michigan ’100%’ focused on Minnesota: ‘There’s a lot at stake'
  210. Richard Pitino’s six-year seesaw ride with the Gophers arrives at its latest test
  211. Wow: Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim hits, kills man walking on I-690: source
  212. Nate Mason last night: 17 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal, 1 block (video)
  213. Quad 1 Wins for teams in my latest Field of 68
  214. Big Ten Tournament Pairings: Gophers 75% of the Way To Finish Line
  215. Can someone explain why Gabe isn't listed on the NCAA's 3PT% Leaders List?
  216. Tim Miles: "If they fire me I'm still a millionaire, so I've got that going for me."
  217. offense vs. Mich
  218. I've Seen Enough
  219. Isn’t it nice to have a real AD...
  220. Signature of the Pitino Era
  221. House Report: Gophers' guards struggle in a 69-60 loss to No. 7 Michigan
  222. Pick Per Day 2/22/19
  223. Coaching Candidates
  224. Field of 68 Projection (through Feb. 21): Gophers 5 Spots Above Bubble Cutline
  225. ESPN Bubble Watch: Work to Do (Minnesota)
  226. Borzi: Maybe Minnesota just isn’t a basketball school
  227. Iowa announcer suspended for season for referring to Bruno Fernando as King Kong
  228. Pick Per Day 2/23/19
  229. Reusse: Pitino has had lousier records, but this has been his worst coaching effort
  230. Coach Pitino talks about job security, IW, Coyle relationship and more
  231. Shooter: Don’t discount Gophers chances of getting into the NCAA Tournament
  232. PP: Gophers men have one Big Ten road win, and that won’t cut it for NCAA
  233. What does this list represent?
  235. Pick Per Day 2/24/19
  236. Pitino needs to #freejelly
  237. House Report: Gophers squander Kalscheur's strong performance in a 68-64 loss
  238. Should Dupree McBrayer been called for a foul late in the game?
  239. Raise your hand if.......
  240. Something that's tough to explain: Gophers getting schooled the 2nd time around
  241. Murphy & Coffey: Making Peace with Low Basketball IQ
  242. Pick Per Day 2/25/19
  243. Field of 68 Projection
  244. Minnesota can be successful at basketball and Gabe should have been a 4*
  245. Marcus: Dupree and IW each had 18 family members at the game yesterday
  246. Oturu discusses being from MN, having success and encouraging other recruits to stay
  247. Power 6 True Road Records: Gophers Near The Bottom
  248. What has to happen for Pitino to keep his job?
  249. Q&A: Dawson Garcia Says He Has a Great Relationship with Gophers Pitino, Lindsted
  250. B1G Tournament