Redzone Defense


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Anyone else concerned with the fact that we’ve allowed opponents to score 14/14 in the redzone on defense?

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I'm ok with it if they're field goals... or that it's not 21 trips to the redzone...

I feel like "did the other team score when in the redzone" is just too narrow a thing to look at.


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14 times in the red zone in 5 games is 2.8 trips per game.

How does that compare to others.

Good point. MN is tied for 25th (heck of a lot better than 130th) in the outright number of defensive red zone possessions. Offense is ranked 20th red zone possessions. I did not break it out per game which would be more accurate (too lazy to do it by team by hand).

Regardless, the points per possession is worrisome.

Edit add to the above: If you take it one step further by total defensive red zone points allowed at 86, Minnesota is ranked 92nd.
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On the flip side, we've only allowed 24 total points outside of the red zone this season, which is less than the amount we've allowed from defensive and special teams touchdowns at 28.

The three long touchdowns we allowed were 21, 21, and 25 yards, so we've done a good job at preventing long touchdowns so far this season which is a nice plus.


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If those numbers are correct, that is definitely something to improve on. That said, i feel like allowing only 14 trips to the redzone is pretty impressive, especially when (as others have noted here) they aren't bypassing the redzone with long scoring plays that often, so I'm certainly not alarmed.

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Vs. Penn St.

6 Trips into the red zone
2 TDs
2 FGs
1 Turnover on Downs
1 Int.

33% Stops this week.

Penn State previous red zone offense efficiency: 93.6% scores, 80.6% Tds


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If anyone cared to notice, I posted this a month before the Penn State game....our redzone defense was not solid before.

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