Recruiting and Minneapolis climate


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This isn't much difference in the weather in Madison, Ann Arbor or East Lansing. It's not great in Iowa City or Lincoln, slightly better. The rest of the big ten schools experience below zero, snow and miserable weather as well at different points.


former recruit/decommit Drederick Snelson said "They play in the cold in the NFL too" as one the reasons why he (briefly) committed to the Gophers. It makes sense for people to the south want to come up and experience a different region/climate. Unfortunately its not the Fall semester that drives upper midwesterners loony, its the spring semester. Seasonal Affective Disorder is for real and nothing else gets that going quite like like Minnesota Murderers row of January, February, and March.


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I believe the melted snowfall is added to the rainfall chart. If this isn’t the case, then during last January and February it both rained nearly 4” and snowed about 50”. Considering that on average, 13” of snow yields about 1” of water, that reflects about the same ratio as 4 to 50.
Thanks. You are correct and I was wrong.

I found this link as well, essentially asking the same question:
If you want to play in the nfl. The most important games Of your career Very well could be played in cold weather environments better get used to it now.

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