CBS ranks Gophers the worst of the remaining 16 un-beatens


This guy is a dumb ass and not just because he put Minnesota last.

Baylor would be two touchdown favorites against BSU and Minnesota would be favorite by 10.

Minnesota would also be favored against BSU, App. St. SMU, and WF.
And this is coming from the guy that called App State over UNC earlier this year.

The only one of these G5 teams that is legit is Memphis
Minnesota would not be favored against any of those teams you mentioned on the road.

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Pretty Sure You are Wrong
It’s funny that during the off-season the Gophers were getting some top 25 love or am I thinking about another team?
Great point! In the weeks leading up to the season the Gophers were considered a fringe top 25 team. After running the record up to 5-0 the Gophers are now considered... a fringe top 25 team.

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