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    Quote Originally Posted by brucekaupa View Post
    Did anyone catch the part where the ref tried to start the play by bouncing the ball to the Maryland player standinin the middle of the backcourt rather than handing it to the player on the sideline?

    what was that??
    Saw it, the body builder did it-very odd. Lousy crew today- we got ripped off on a number of calls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GophersInIowa View Post
    Transferring probably doesn't make sense for Coffey because there's a solid chance he could go pro after his sophomore season.

    I'd say the chance at this point is less than 50%. While he has definite skills, he doesn't have an NBA strength yet or NBA explosiveness at this point. He's also a .269 three point shooter. There are multiple areas that need improvement. He has a pretty good handle, but it's not as good as Evan Turner's handle was in college and Turner has had a pretty underwhelming NBA career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scools12 View Post
    Hope Muss doesn't do the thumps up in pictures too. I hear that stresses a lot of people out.

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    I've got a buddy in Las Vegas. He said Nevada is the talk of the town versus UNLV. Muss with the pre-game show and his team is packing them in. Yup, he is a tad querky. Was adorned with a bow tie yesterday. What amazes me he is doing this with a short roster.

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