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The only thing holding them in are their impressive wins at OSU and MSU. Their 11-7 record in a much improved Big 10 also helps. Their RPI is only 57 and SOS is at 58. Luckily for them, there's limited chances for them to lose a bid now. UCLA or USC would have to win the Pac 10 title (in semifinals now) for them to lose their spot in the current Bracketology. Or Bowling Green getting upset in MAC semifinals or championship.


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They do have a decent resume:

Road win at Ohio St.
Swept Michigan St.
11-7 in the conference.

The committee might have a problem with their lack of consistency though.
The Big Ten womens is a terrible conference this year. Only one ranked team (OSU) as far as I know. 11-7 in a terrible conference means nothing. The women also lost to some awful teams at the bottom of the conference when they really needed them to win, also. I guess last 4 in could be correct, yet if so, then the Gopher men shouldn't even be in a bubble discussion, if you compare resumes.


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I really don't like the way the women finished the season. They were, for the most part, just plain bad. Their execution was awful and their effort was, at best, uninspired. If they make the NCAAs, they're going to get killed.

And with how they finished the season, I would be surprised if they get a bid. Teams that want to make the NCAAs don't drop games against two of the worst teams in the league with a bid on the line.

I'll obviously root for them if they make it, but if they don't, Borton and co don't have anybody to blame but themselves.
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