Week 12 - Other Games Thread

Face The Facts

Fleck Superfan
Hmmm... what to look at.

North Carolina plays Pittsburgh.
The ACC is horrible, but Brewster is at NC. NC trying to get win #5 with Mack Brown.

Fresno State (4-5) vs San Diego St (7-2)

Alabama at Miss St. - (Bama -20.5)
Miss St could do many teams a big favor by winning this game. Sadly, they won't get close to covering the spread.

#11 Florida vs Missouri (Go MIZZOU)

#14 Wisconsin at Nebraska. (WIS -14.5)
Go Huskers!

#15 Michigan vs Michigan St. (Mich -13.5)
No reason to believe MSU covers that

#23 Navy vs #16 Notre Dame
Go Navy

#2 Ohio St vs Rutgers.
I can't believe they are going to let them play the full 60 minutes. This could be really cruel.
Ohio Moved down a spot in the rankings this week after crucifying MD.

#3 Clemson hosts Wake Forest (Clemson -34.5)
This line seems excessive and not sure why. I would throw a small amount on Wake to cover that.

#4 Georgia vs #12 Auburn UGA -2.5
I don't know who I want to win. Probably Auburn so SEC has another 2 loss team.

#19 Texas at Iowa St. ISU -7.0
Go Iowa St. Texas is over-ranked with their 3 losses and Indiana is not ranked.

#1 LSU vs Ole Miss (LSU -21.0)

#10 Oklahoma vs #13 Baylor
One team will be eliminated, the other will have to win the rest of their games and a re-match to be considered for CFP.

UCLA vs #7 Utah (UTAH -21)
I would put Money on UCLA here. They can score quickly at times, and have only scored under 30 points once in their last 6 games.
I'll be rooting for the upset regardless because it would piss off the CFP committee.

Arizona at#6 Oregon (ORE -27.5)
I like seeing Oregon lose, but it's not going to happen here.
AZ has given up 30 points or more in 7 of their 9 games and 40 points or more in 6 of those.
There should be a prop bet on which team scores more between Oregon and Ohio St this week. Could be 160 points combined between the two.


UMASS has a TD erased by an ineligible receiver penalty and settles for a FG.

Northwestern is bad guys. We should put up 50 on them.


Such a BS call on that ball touching the IND player. I get it...there has to be enough video evidence but gosh...what a crappy call for IND


Penn State got a free possession. Indiana player went to play a bouncing punt, then backed off last second. It was clear in the replay he never touched the ball, but they awarded it to Penn State as a fumble. Smh...


Once again UMASS moves the ball at will until they get to about the 10 yd line. Think we'll be able to get those last 10?

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