WCCO: Gopher Basketball Turnaround Builds Excitement On Campus


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Nov 11, 2008
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per WCCO:

And just like that, the boys in maroon and gold, well, they’re back. And ticket sales, they’re up too.

“I think our fans have obviously jumped on board so we’ve certainly seen a great crowd at the Ohio State game, we continue to see that,” Brent Holck said. “Our Wisconsin game is almost sold out now, which is one of our largest rivalries, so I think we’ll continue to see great success.”

And with growing fan support, it looks like filling the Barn again is a likely a reality.

“But it’s really good to see those guys succeed this year and I’m really rooting for them because they’re really great guys, a lot of them, and they bring a lot to campus and it’s just really good to see them do well,” one U of M student said.

“It’s exciting that they’re on the top. I was just kind of waiting for them to lose it when they started conference but they’re actually winning in conference so it’s exciting,” another U student said.

Just goes to show what a difference a year can make.


Go Gophers!!
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