UMn - #2 - #9 in the various polls vs ? for Michigan

Mar 21, 2012
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Looking at Minnesota in the various polls and how we compare to Michigan

and btw, I put #2 - #9 in the title because I do not recognize the validity of the coaches poll. Name me a single coach who has time to pay any attention to any cbb teams besides his own and his next opponents team.

AP Poll - UMn #9 - UM #5
CBS poll - UMn #8 - UM #3
Ken Pom - UMn #7 - UM #5
Sagarin -- UMn #6 - UM #5
Espn BPI - UMn #5 - UM #9
RPI Poll -- UMn #5 - UM #8
TR OPR -- UMn #5 - UM #4
TR L10 --- UMn #4 - UM #8
TR Home - UMn #3 - UM #5

So all the computers have us basically dead even with Michigan with about half of them giving Mich the slight edge and the other half giving UMn the slight edge, while the Press of course gives Michigan the advantage. And if we win, with our home advantage, that won't matter, the press will jump on our bandwagon until we lose again and/or Michigan wins a big one. lol
The computers are at least farely consistent, they don't drop teams just for losing if they lose to a clearly better ranked team especially if its on the road. But then again, the computers ratings change everyday, whether your team plays or not, because the teams you've already beaten or gotten beat by have played.

TR SOS -- UMn #2 - UM #18
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