Today's BT results:


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I posted here last weekend that we were catching a break getting to play NW in the first round of the BTT. Why? Because without another significant win, we weren't going to make the tourney. Would a win over Iowa or Indiana have been enough to do it? I'm not sure. But a win over a solid NW team was much bigger for us than a PSU blowout victory over a terrible Indiana team. On the other hand, I would say that Michigan is certainly in front of us after their trashing of the Piglets. If you have to play a bad team, at least blow them out. Mich. certainly did that, and PSU as well. I wasn't convinced before this week that the BT could send 8 teams. Now I'm almost positive that they'll send 7, and I think it's fairly likely that 8 will go; the main one up in the air being PSU, who could seal their tourney fate with a win over Purdue Friday night.

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