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Roy Christensen

Trying to do it all!
Nov 21, 2008
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This coming season is when we should see just how good our current coaching staff can be. I was very encouraged by how this past season ended. Here is what I hope to see:
1. Colton picks up where he left off. He challenges everything inside and controls the middle, blocking shots and getting rebounds. The offense gets him the ball inside and he goes up strong with the ball making opposing defenses double down on him. Devoe would love this. The coaches had him playing well in the Big Ten tourney. More please.
2. Rodney steps up and becomes the man on D. His speed and talent take our opponents best weapons away.I am anxious to see what the coaches will have accomplished with Rodney.
3. Ralph becomes a "go to" guy. When he was being recruited we were told this was a guy who should blossom by his third year. Bring it on!
4. Al is eligible and brings his D. We need that guy who confounded Louisville and wowed Pitino.
5. I assume Devoe will be great. If opposing defenses have to react to Ralph and Colton inside then Devoe will have the room he needs. I worry about him going pro after this year.
6. Blake will be Blake. Solid
7. This team has lost alot from what it could have been.I am intrigued by the core which remains.The top six guys are strong. After that it is the freshmen. With any luck regarding eligibility and injuries this could be a very good team.
Nov 22, 2008
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Very Good Chance At 20+ W Season

Decent chance at 25+ W but lots of "breaks" needed for that to happen.
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