The Athletic: Why Minnesota’s tourney hopes hinge on the Amir Coffey Experiment


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Hamilton:

The Great Amir Coffey Point Guard Experiment began not with a pensive conference of basketball thinkers or a weighty player-coach conversation about roles and expectations and the larger good of the team. It began with Amir Coffey being tossed a ball in an offseason practice and being instructed to run Minnesota’s offense. Consideration was given to putting the best group on the floor and who on the roster had the proper demeanor for the gig, but using a wiry 6-foot-8 offensive firecracker with no substantial college experience as a primary initiator was, more or less, something that kind of just happened one day.

“I was pretty surprised, honestly,” Minnesota forward Jordan Murphy says. “But as we kept on going with it, it made a lot more sense.”

How much of an advantage a fully armed and operational Amir Coffey gives the Golden Gophers in their return to NCAA Tournament this week remains to be seen. Indisputably, though, there would have...

Go Gophers!!
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