Strib: Hart's Gopher Volleyball Career Has Been a Lesson in Life

Ignatius L Hoops

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Sep 9, 2015
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“It’s just crazy how time has gone,” Hart said. “It’s just crazy how it seems last year was 2016 and I was an incoming freshman and now it’s about to be 2020.”

She is taking her final four class credits this fall and next month will graduate early with a business marketing degree she’ll use after she pursues a professional playing career overseas this winter.

“[Hart] has found some really nice rhythm the last few weeks,” Gophers coach Hugh McCutcheon said. “We’ve changed setters and now you’ve to get some new connection between hitters and setters. Obviously, she’s doing a nice job of it.”

Hart’s collegiate career has been lessons learned in life and athletics. Tuesday was the third anniversary of her grandfather’s death. Richard Robinson helped raise her and guided her toward attending Minnesota. His death rocked her freshman season, when she learned to lean on older teammates.
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