STrib: College basketball annuals are coming out: Where are the Gophers?


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Marcus:

You might have to use a magnifying glass to see any Gopher cover boys for college basketball season previews hitting newsstands next month.

Regional covers have already been revealed for Lindy’s Sports, Athlon Sports and Street & Smith.

But no Gophers are featured prominently.

The only Minnesota cover presence in all three college basketball publications is a tiny Mason dribbling in the top right corner of Street & Smith. It's definitely overshadowed by a gigantic photo of Northwestern’s Bryant McIntosh.

McIntosh is an All-Big Ten point guard who some college basketball observers consider slightly ahead of Mason, much like their teams. I don't agree. But there at least is some logic to that.

In Lindy’s case, they’ll sell a different regional cover in Minnesota. That one features Wisconsin’s D’Mitrick Trice and Marquette’s Markus Howard. These two point guards were freshmen last year. Howard was special. Trice was a backup. Both were no Mason, an All-Big Ten first teamer.

According to a Lindy’s spokesperson, the magazine’s publisher J. Lindy Davis Jr. said Minnesota will get a player on a college hoops regional cover next year. Too bad that won't be Mason, who will be gone.

“We do 21 covers and have added more and more players the last couple of years,” a Lindy’s Sports spokesman said. “As you know there are a lot of teams. We probably should've put a Minnesota player on this year, but Wisconsin and Marquette have been pretty good over recent seasons.”

Go Gophers!!
Feb 17, 2013
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Does anyone have a preference in these annuals? Thinking about picking one up for some light reading before heading out to Portland.
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