STrib: Alum Lindsay Whalen applauding shift in culture within Gophers athletics


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Jason:

Gophers alumni Lindsay Whalen is applauding the shift in culture she's noticed at her alma mater.

Whalen, the Lynx star who was part of Tuesday’s 2019 Final Four planning period kickoff ceremony in downtown Minneapolis, said “I think everything is moving on and moving upward, and as an alum that’s all you can ask.”

Whalen has also been impressed with the men’s basketball team’s success (15-3) and plans to show her support for the programs in the coming months.

“The men have a good team. They’re fun to watch,” Whalen said. I’m going to get over there as much as I can to support the men and the women.

“Hopefully things will continue to go in the right direction and our teams will do well and our student-athletes will be doing well in the classroom and community. That’s ultimately what you want, that balance. When you can strike that, it’s really good for everyone.”

Go Gophers!!
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