So far, another GREAT day for UMn's RPI Resume.

Mar 21, 2012
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No big upsets today, but the only losses our former opponents suffered were vs our former opponents.

FSU lost to Duke, which was expected, and even losing to them will help their RPI a little.
Duke beat FSU.
Lafayette lost to American.
American beat Lafayette

Richmond wins a big game
Memphis wins
Northwestern beats Purdue - good for us because we play NW twice and PU only once.
Toledo wins
North Florida wins
S Dak St wins

N Dak St wins

Indiana whom we play twice is the home team vs Michigan whom we play once. So it helps us more if IU wins, at least as far as RPI rankings go.

Update - IU beat's Michigan. That won't positively affect our RPI until we play IU. Then it will help us whether we win or lose, but obviously more if we win.

Outside of the RPI, San Diego St losing helps us
Syracuse losing doesn't hurt us
NCSU losing helps us
Wichita St losing helps us
Oregon losing helps us

Now, we just need to do our part and need to take care of our home court vs Iowa.


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Nov 24, 2008
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#1alphabet...Keep us filled in on this RPI business. I don't follow it enough, and need guys like you and Selection Sunday to keep us pumped up.

"Now, we just need to do our part and need to take care of our home court vs Iowa. "

We are doing our best in the party room at my residence, as we tailgate indoors preparing for the Sunday game between our Gophers and the pantherhawk puppies:

Live from my party room at my home:
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