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Nov 20, 2008
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I think we are starting to see some things that should give rise to hope for a higher ceiling:

Defense- It is getting better. McBrayer defended better than I have ever seen him today. He was denying his man the ball. It is apparent that the team is starting to get it that defense is going to be their path to a strong year.

Washington- People have been questioning Pitino's handling of Washington. However, this looks to me like it is shaping up into one of Pitino's best player developments. He has gotten Washington to play totally differently. He had a few moments in the Maryland game where he was looking for his own shot too much but he definitely has improved.

Offense- The big complaint about the Gophers other than defense has been lack of ball movement. Today, especially in the second half, it was about as good as it can get. The ball moved quickly in and out and side to side. Washington made the whole game look different and it didn't matter whether it was zone or man that they faced.

Pushing the pace- Again with Washington in, the pace was great and the guys were having fun and it improved the play on both ends as well as got the crowd pumped up.

Coaching- I think Pitino is getting better and improving this team.

A few things we need remain:

Curry has to come into form. He is still struggling and he could be a key as the season goes along.

Our free throw shooting has to be more like it was today.

We have to be at least an average three point shooting team. Kalsheur is out of his slump and McBrayer and Washington hit some today- so that is a good sign.


Mar 3, 2017
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Seems to turn into "dump it down low to Murphy, power dribble, shoot" at times. Murphy is nice but he's not good enough to be asked to constantly create shots. He will get his 17 and 10 but this team needs Coffey to be the main man. Need good ball movement in general as you point out.
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