SIAP PFF All Big Ten Team


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Very interesting to see Renner on the First Team defense along with Antoine Winfield Jr (not a surprise).

Also Tyler Johnson and Bateman on first team offense along with Tanner Morgan (second team) was not a surprise, but John Michael Schmitz and Faalele getting third team recognition.


Rodney Smith 2nd team too, Carter Coughlin 3rd team, Coney Durr Honorable Mention, Benjamin St. Juste Honorable Mention, Jacob Herbers 3rd Team. That's 12 guys out of 100....much better than years gone by.


Nice recognition for a number of our Gophers. I would have liked to see Kamal on the list, and Coughlin higher. I'm surprised to see Herbers on third team.


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That Iowa's Epenesa didn't make first team over the Wiscy guy reduces PFF's credibility. That guy is a monster. Just because Iowa had him defend the inside edge for run support (which reduces his stats) doesn't reduce his impact.
PFF supposedly grades each play for each player and assigns them an overall rating. If they did the right thing and "won" their assignment, they grade highly. So in theory, if a guy is assigned to set the edge and sets the edge effectively, he'd grade highly whether he made the play or not. That said, I have no idea how well PFF does their job, so I can't say with any certainty these honors mean anything.
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