Shooter: Richard Pitino says 'I hope I've gotten better'


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Nov 11, 2008
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This is Richard Pitino’s fourth season as Gophers men’s basketball coach and his fifth year as a Division I head coach, counting his 18-14 season at Florida International in 2012-13. After coaching Minnesota to 25 victories in 2013-14, the Gophers fell to 8-23 last season. Pitino’s team this season is off to a 15-4 start.

Is Pitino the same coach now as he was when he came to Minnesota?

“I hope I’ve gotten better,” he said. “I think experience is the greatest teacher.”

“I think young head coaches always scoff, ‘Oh, experience doesn’t matter.’ It does. Every little experience you get improves you, makes you better. So I hope I have (improved). I’m always eager to improve, always eager to learn. And I hope to be better today, better than yesterday.”

Word at a Gophers booster gathering at Williams Arena just before Minnesota defeated Ohio State last week was that Pitino’s demeanor was the most comfortable that supporters had seen in him in four years addressing the group.

Go Gophers!!
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