Say something nice about Iowa (2019 Edition)


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I heard when those two iowa strangers had sex in our bathroom a few years back, they didn't leave any stains.

That was nice of them.


I only have to hate the Hawkeyes there whereas I have to hate the Skunks and Packers of the state that shall no named to the east.


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I’m with the guys that mentioned the Children’s Hospital wave. That’s very classy.

Never forget what the did to our Metrodome. The goal posts. The pissing on our concourse walls in front of everyone. I was just a little boy, and I witnessed grown drunk men pissing on the walls of the concourse as fans were leaving the dome. So much disrespect.

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Driving through Iowa isn't as bad as driving through North Dakota. At least you can somewhat entertain yourself watching the corn go by in Iowa....


North Dakota is a way under-rated state. I don't know why more people don't want to live there. There's the Red River valley in the east, replete with Sunflowers and gorgeous sunsets; bountiful prairie grass in the middle; and rising mountains in the west. Go North Dakota Bison!


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Iowa's farmers produce much food that I like to eat. And their colleges produce many waiters and waitresses to come work in the Twin Cities to serve that food to me.


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Iowa Speedway is an official NASCAR Track.

Also, if you need to take a dump, they've got some clean and somewhat classy rest-stop bathrooms.
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