Roll Call for Indiana Game: Who's going and where's the party?


May 11, 2009
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Well just booked the cheapest hotel I could find near Bloomington and while we still have to get through the Nebraska game I'm already excited about heading down to Indiana. Who else is heading down for the game and what are your plans?

I'm leaving either Friday morning or after work depending if my background check finally clears and I can start next week, and staying in the wonderful little town of Cloverdale lol. Depending on my arrival in Indiana I will either head to Bloomington to check out the atmosphere and have a few drinks or find a local bar near my hotel. As far as gameday goes I'm looking to join a group that will be tailgating early as I'm most likely traveling alone for this trip and taking in as much of Bloomington I can after the game. Heading back to good old MN on Sunday, hopefully with a big smile on my face.
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