Richard Pitino on Sports Huddle - Sunday, 9-17-17

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Feb 9, 2011
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Gopher Men's basketball Coach Richard Pitino was on the Sports Huddle with Sid and Dave on Sunday. (9-17)

Sid: what is the team doing now?
RP: we're allowed 2 hrs a week. do individual skill work. take it slow. last week of Sept is the unofficial start. we're not fully healthy. Davonte, Reggie, Dupree should cleared by then.

Sid: talk about the Injuries
RP: each one is different. Davonte just trying to be cautious. Reggie had similar type of knee surgery last year. precautionary. Dupree had a stress reaction over the summer. just wanted to get it out of the way now.

Sid: Washington kid - athletic ability?
RP: terrific passer. gifted offensively. get in lane and make plays. fun style. guys love playing with him lives in the gym. contagious when you have a guy like that. really excited. he's a FR - going to be an adjustment period.

Sid: what about Kid from New Jersey? (Harris)
RP; Terrific shooter. plays hard. great kid. with FR, wait to see until they get into the grind - going to class, practice, conditioning. FR who play a lot learn how to handle it the right way.

Mona: what about Curry's attitude following injury?
RP: disappointing. try not to single players out, but I thought Eric had the best summer of any of the guys. looked great. body looked good. he was going to have a year where he was going to explode. last year, had him in at end of crucial games. IA, Purdue, Indiana. definitely a blow to our team. going to have to wait a year. going to have to come back healthy. be back better than ever

Sid: do you have more depth this year?
RP: added 2 guards, lost Akeem. losing Eric hurts depth in front court. have to deal with injuries.

Sid: are the players coming back going to show improvement?
RP: They all need to. had good regular season last year. have to move on - everybody individually have to be committed to that. excited. living in the gym.

Mona: nobody talking about returning All-B1G guard Nate Mason -
RP: funny. takes time when building a program. never had guys get awards. pre-season awards mean nothing. it's nice when people talk nice about you. many things to be excited about. ticket sales - some of highest renewal rates in country. understand we have to stay humble, stay hungry.

Sid: what about Recruits - looks like a good class for the future.
RP: if you look at a lot of publications, some have us ranked top 10 in country. we're taking care of home turf. Athletes Village - success on the court. more people get excited - you can see it in recruiting.

Sid: December 5th. need you for Dunkers. Murray's certificate.
RP: thanks, guys.
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