Revisiting the Most Cutthroat, Ruthless One Shining Moment Clip Ever (2013: Tubby and Howland shaking hands to “the time is short")


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Nov 11, 2008
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per The Sports Bank:

At first I thought this portion of “One Shining Moment” was only an oversight. Then I hit rewind on DVR again to make sure I saw what I thought I did. Then I thought “well, it’s just an oversight, but I definitely understand, if you were rushed to get it out on deadline, how this could happen.”

When you replay this crucial sequence of the 2013 edition of One Shining Moment, notice the specific lyrics of Luther Vandross synced up to the image that appears at the 0:58 mark.

That image is former Minnesota Golden Gophers head coach Tubby Smith shaking hands with former UCLA head coach Ben Howland just after their meeting in the NCAA Tournament’s first weekend. Just a few days after this handshake, bot of these men were sacked.

The Vandross lyric heard at this moment is: “the time is short.” Given how both men were long fired by the time this originally aired, all I can say is wow. That’s cold.

They might as well just have replaced the One Shining Moment lyrics with…..”in one pink slip moment, you lose health insurance?”

Obviousl, One Shining Moment is all about positivity, and showing what’s uplifting about college basketball and March Madness. It’s almost always glorifying highlights; not making calling specific attention to two men who already lost their livelihood.

Go Gophers!!
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