Ranking the Unbeatens. Where would you have our Gophers!


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There are currently 16 Unbeaten teams and how do you see them ranked?

Here is my ranking:





1 Alabama 5-0
2 Clemson 5-0
3 Ohio State 6-0
4 LSU 5-0
5. Georgia 5-0
6 Oklahoma 5-0
7 Wisconsin 6-0
8 Florida 6-0
9 Penn State 5-0
10 Boise State 5-0
11 Minnesota Golden Gophers 5-0
12 Baylor 5-0
13 Wake Forest 5-0
14 SMU 6-0
15 Memphis 5-0
16 Appalachian State 6-0

I agree Gophers would be favored against all the teams I have below them and Boise at home. They would not be favored against any of the teams I have above them no matter where they play.

This is a pretty good list to be in almost two months into the season! Only two teams outside the top 25 are the Gophers and App State.

Keeps a chip on our shoulder right?

Go Gophers!


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From what we know now there's a big drop after Penn State at 9. I would put Baylor's resume slightly ahead of ours so far. I think the Gophers are better than all the G5 teams on that list and also Wake.
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