PP: Young Gophers Learning the Hardway

Ignatius L Hoops

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Sep 9, 2015
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John Shipley:

“In high school I [Borowicz] was double- and triple-teamed, but the players weren’t nearly as good — not even close,” she said. “Pretty much in high school, if I had an open shot and I had about a two-inch window, I was putting that puppy up.”

Defenders’ longer arms change jump shots, and make driving for layups considerably more difficult. That wasn’t an issue for Borowicz in high school. “It’s obviously different against 6-4 forwards,” she said.

Ditto for Smith, who ran the show for Columbus Afrocentric, leading the team to two high school state championships as a sophomore and junior before last year’s tournament was canceled.

But on top of that, Smith is learning a new job. She might have handled the ball a lot in high school, but she often was setting herself up for offense. “I was more of a slasher,” she said. Now, she’s learning to get her teammates involved.

“In high school, it was easier to transition to wing from point guard,” she said. “Here, it’s about being the person who sets up the plays, directing people, being demanding and controlling the ball, learning a lot of different sets and when to call them against certain defenses.”
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