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Fleck Superfan
Fair amount of reaction that PSU was over-ranked.
Not that we were underranked.

We'll be #16 next week.
PSU #17.

Notre Dame moves up to #4.


credulous skeptic
tanner morgan said something about "tibbs" tweeting a picture of him after the game that was pretty epic. anyone know what that is all about?
No. No no no. We didn’t just “beat” the 4th ranked team. We scored 31 points on them. 31. Thirty One. Soft schedule talk is done. Don’t rank us top 10. We are hungry. We don’t care about ranking. Four walls. 4 Walls.


Win or Lose, WE DRINK!
Don't have the tweets(maybe someone else can post them) but all the pro teams all tweeted something out about the gophers, now we need the fan base to realize that we need to work with the local teams and not compete, we are all Minnesota afterall


King of the Too's
I’m seeing lots of comments about how the refs gave the game to us. Strange to me when the refs forgot there was a play clock on PSUs final touchdown.

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