Post game Maryland: Pitino gives the Gophers an F grade for on-ball defense


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Nov 5, 2008
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Here are the post game notes, not verbatim:

Mark Turgeon:
• I think they're an NCAA tournament team, the schedule gets a little easier for them. The 2nd half is as good as we've played in a long time.
• We've had a lot of good wins, this is the best team that we've beaten. It was a great win, we had a lot to overcome.
• That Coffey Kid is terrific, a great player, Kevin did a good job to try to contain him. Nate Mason is one of the best guards in the league, almost impossible to keep in front.
• How do you close out such close games with 3 freshman? I don't know. We were just really determined to win this game. We don't call them freshmen, we call them young guys, they don't think about the stage, they're just playing bball. We rested them. We played Tuesday, gave them 2 days off, I haven't done that in my career with such a big game for us.
• Coffey was terrific the 1st half.
• Trying to get respect? We're just trying to win the next game, that's really what we're doing. It's my 19th year at as a HC, this team just stays at the task at hand. They're hard to guard. If we can maintain that, none of the other stuff matters.
• We were making some mistakes and just fouling. I told them, "we've got to quit fouling" and got better in the last 12 minutes.
Richard Pitino:
• Heck of a game, and it just came down to the last minute and a half, they found a way to make the plays and we did not. Defensively, some breakdowns in the 2nd half, feel for our guys, we've got to breakthrough. Gotta keep them positive this week, give them some time off, focus on academics, and get away a little big.
• They don't look ahead, they don't do that.
• Akeem is playing well, he's competing, he did a lot of good things
• Reggie getting in foul trouble hurt us, they have very good offensive talent, put us in some ball screens
• We didn't guard the 3 really well, that's an understatement. They were taking us off the bounce, because they have quick talented guards, we were letting them getting deep in the lane. It's not one person's fault, it's a team defense type of problem.
• I'm sure they're pretty down, losing stinks, we're a young team, we had some young moments today, we'll find a way to break through.
• I'm extremely happy with Amir.
• Feeding Akeem more? I don't know, he shot 15 shots, that's a pretty good number. It came down to the last minute and a half.
• Last 1:30 - a lot of our stuff is ball movement, player movement/ Reggie being out of the game hurts you. It was about 38 minutes of good ball movement, not so much D. We had a chance to tie it and Murph missed a FT, we missed a few at crucial spots.
• When Nate fouled, wanted to play D. It was a miscommunication.
• Give them off Sunday, get back to work Monday.
• Reggie didn't end to foul at the end there, Murph was right in front of him, I'm not sure why he did that.
• Is Reggie making progress? Well, he fouled out, so no.
• That Eric play was so close, the charge.
• Pitino, asked for grade of team's on-ball defense after Maryland shot 65% after half: "A to F, is that the grading scale? I’d give it an F."
• F - they shot 65%, they've got some really really quick guards, we've got to get better.

Reggie Lynch:
• It's frustrating not being at the end of the games during crunch time, that's on me to not let them add up towards the end.
• On 5 game streak - we need to stay confident and not let it get to us and take away our intensity. Don't let the past effect the future.
• All around, we need to stay connected and stay together, and execute the scouting report.
• I can't let the calls get to me, I have to understand that the refs will be looking extremely close. I need to sometimes let a guy, and stay solid defensively overall.

Akeem Springs:
• We lost because I didn't make the plays down the stretch, this game is on me. Your seniors need to step up and make plays. I didn't make those plays.
• On perimeter D prep - Staying locked in. If you see our film session, it was maybe too long, they did a great job preparing us. We've got to get it done, either we're going to, or not.
• There's nothing to meet about, we just need to come to work, we've talked, nothing to talk about, just get in there and work.


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Jan 21, 2010
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"I'm extremely happy with Amir." I sure like the young kid as well, and he is only a freshman but I can't say that I am extremely happy. But I am just a fan so Pitino may know better. I think that he needs to shoot more and try and take over a game more. Trust your talent.
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