Pitino on Sports Huddle 9-30-18

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Feb 9, 2011
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Gopher Men's Basketball coach Rich Pitino was on the Sports Huddle on WCCO on Sunday. (9-30)

I did not take verbatim notes - was riding my exercise bike - so this is on memory. If anyone else listened to the interview, feel free to fill in the gaps.

I will do this as bullet points

-practice off to good start. 7 new players in program. older guys working with younger players

-Curry tweaked a calf muscle. put him about 2 weeks behind. will bring back slowly, but he's looking good.

-Curry injury has allowed more time for Stockman to work with regulars in practice.

-Oturu still not 100%. gets about 10 minutes of full-contact work per practice. He missed a lot of time in off-season, so not fully up to speed with rest of team.

-Murphy has green light to work on his outside shot. But don't forget bread-and-butter - working inside.

-(asked about 3-point shooting). mentioned Gabe K, McBrayer, Coffey, Stull

-Coffey will play huge role with team. playing him more on the ball. he needs to do a little of everything for team to be good. Said he would have used Coffey more on the ball before, but had Nate Mason.

-Washington matured last year. still has lots of room for improvement. quick - gets ball up court, good passer. But - he will be evaluated on what he does when he doesn't have the ball in his hands: defense, fighting through screens, etc.

-said B1G will be tough again - MSU, Michigan, some new coaches will bring new approaches to traditional powers.

-(asked about FR) Omersa and Gabe K working hard. great kids. athletic. they want to be Gophers.

That's what I remember. Overall, Pitino sounded upbeat. (and I got in a good workout.........)


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Feb 9, 2017
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Good to hear what he said about Coffey. Amir reminds me a bit of Andrew Wiggins. He can score when he wants to but he fades in and out of games a bit. This team will need him to be an all conference player if we want to make the tournament. We know he has the talent but let’s see if he’ll be in attack mode night in night out. Looking forward to seeing Washington at the scrimmage too. There’s a lot on his shoulders.
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