Pitino on Sports Huddle 6-11-17

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Feb 9, 2011
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Richard Pitino appeared on the Sports Huddle with Sid, Mike and Dave. (took place of Fleck)

Sid: Had chance to work out two guys from New York? (incoming FR)
RP: Getting on Campus. We will work out this week. not allowed till classes start. look forward to work out Stockman (Louisville transfer).

Sid: Starting lineup?
RP: Too tough to tell. long way to go. every season completely different. hopeful everyone comes back hungry. diff than last year. make sure don't lose edge.

Max: Summer - Howard Pulley league. gopher players playing?
RP: We are going to do it this year. may be different name. do have them signed up

Sid: Lynch- avoid fouls
RP: Have to learn from it. productive from numbers standpoint when he's on the court. we're better when he's on the court. more reps - hadn't played at this level. older and wiser. was inexperienced at this level.

Sid: Fitzgerald?
RP: When he got here, loved him. times he was most talented player on court. hard to predict how healthy he'll be. do non-contact stuff. brings a lot to table. really excited about prospects of playing long lineup. amir at 2, devonte at 3 murphy at PF. switch a lot of things.

Dave: Future of Coffey?
RP: He's got chance to play at next level. hard worker. easy kid to coach. if takes steps, no reason he can't play in NBA. got size and skill. shot better than I thought. better scorer than I give him credit for. terrific defender.

Sid: Schedule? Miami?
Probably the toughest schedule we've had. (since I've been here). 4 games in non-conf against top 25 teams. Providence, Arkansas, Miami, (terrific opponent) Alabama. As program grows, schedule will grow.

Sid: Starting guards? (will new players have chance to start?)
RP: everyone gets excited about new guys. New guys will get help from older players. they'll play and contribute. hard to gauge until you get them under your wing. continue to integrate into what we do.

Max: Recruiting? summer circuit?
RP: important - I thought this was going to be year we turned it around. we are at good time as program. facilities. lot of guys back. 2018 should be one of our best classes. seems like every class has gotten better.

Sid: NCAA? game at US bank before tournament?
RP: Going to figure something out soon. logistics. get a good team in there. good warmup. hopefully for us to be in final 4. cool to play a game in there so fans can see it.

(break for weather coverage)

Dave: give kids phone break?
RP: if you don't come to their level, not going to work. attention spans different. instant society. change the way that you coach, watch film, get their attention. don't mind doing it. keep everything brief and short.

Sid: any walk-ons?
RP: ed conroy's son coming with us.

Dave: transfer from Louisville?
RP: had a little chance to watch him. didn't play much. Motz can play. good low post moves. legitimate 7'0, 7'1". necessary get for us. lose 3 centers this year. get experience. be ready to play next year.

Sid: B1G? teams to fear?
RP: see lot of same names at top. our team picked top 3, top 4. get guys to understand none of it matters. at end of day, got to get better. compete. nobody knows. last year, we knew we would be improved. never know till season starts.

Sid: thanks. Murray certificate.


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Feb 12, 2009
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great report son, much appreciated. glad pitino got the murray certificate too. he deserves it.
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