Pitino on MN: "This is a place I consider home. Its my favorite place Ive ever lived"


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Nov 11, 2008
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Pitino on MN: "This is a place I consider home. Its my favorite place Ive ever lived"

per Jace:

Remember, Minnesota sold out Williams Arena for a game against Penn State late in the regular season.

“There’s just so many positive things that we can build off of, because when you’re running a program, it’s all about building,” Pitino said. “We’re positioned in a way that we can really take the next step, because we’ve got almost everybody back, we’re bringing in a lot of good recruits, we’ve got the new (practice/training) facility.”

And Pitino’s got a new contract extension, which inks him through the 2021-22 season and provides added stability and up to $1.7 in retention bonuses, although “you never feel stable in our seat,” he added.

“It’s exciting that they made the commitment,” Pitino said. “They want me to continue to coach here, and I’m proud to be the coach here.”

Entering his fifth year on the job, and fifth trip through Minnesota on the Gophers Road Trip, Pitino is more comfortable than ever.

“I’ve had two kids born here, so I hope (Minnesotans) accept me as one of theirs.” he said. “The longer you live at a place, certainly you feel more comfortable. That’s natural.

“But this is a place I consider home. When you have kids born in a place, and going to school in a place, that’s where you really feel ingrained in it, where you meet other parents, you meet other kids in the neighborhood. So, I love it here. It’s my favorite place I’ve ever lived.

“I can’t believe I’m going on Year 5, which is really, really exciting. So it’s a special place.”


Go Gophers!!
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