PiPress: With attendance down, Pitino makes personal pitches to UMN students


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Chad:

During an otherwise mundane economics class Wednesday at the University of Minnesota, the school’s cheerleaders and marching band stormed in through the back door of the large lecture hall, pom-poms out and horns blaring.

Distracted, the few hundred students in the large classroom almost missed men’s basketball coach Richard Pitino and captain Jordan Murphy enter through the front doors.

The band played the school’s rouser, the cheerleaders danced and Pitino asked students to come see his team play.

“There’s a narrative sometimes with our fans, but I don’t see it like that. To be in a major city with all these professional sports teams and all these things to do, and to be able to get however many it may be, I think our fans are awesome.”

Still, the student section has been noticeably sparse, part of why Pitino reached out to them on Wednesday.

“I think they were happy that the professor stopped talking, to be honest,” Pitino said with a laugh. “I think they liked a little break. You know how you are in college – you’ll do anything for a break. It was good to give them a little bit of a break and talk about some of the games we’ve got coming up.”


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