Pioneer Press: Thunder coach Billy Donovan happy for former assistant Richard Pitino


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Jace:

Billy Donovan has always spoken highly of Gophers coach Richard Pitino.

Both are from the Rick Pitino coaching tree in one form or another, and Richard Pitino served on Donovan’s staff from 2009 to 2011, when Donovan coached the Florida Gators.

“Richard is a great guy,” said Donovan, who currently coaches the Oklahoma City Thunder. “He’s a great coach.”

Donovan said the Gophers’ situation has been difficult for Pitino “in a lot of ways,” ranging from all of the turnover in the athletics department to the turnover on Minnesota’s roster after Pitino’s first two seasons on the job.

But Donovan, who still talks to Pitino “quite a bit,” said he’s happy to see Pitino and the Gophers doing well this season.

“It seems like he’s excited about his team,” Donovan said, “and excited about hopefully where they can wind up by the end of the year.”

Go Gophers!!
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