Pioneer Press: Reggie Lynch primed for big season — if he avoids fouls


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Chad:

As Reggie Lynch walked around town this offseason, fresh off a record-setting season that made him the Big Ten defensive player of the year, fans often approached him with one of three sentiments.

About 20 percent of the time, he estimated, fans congratulated him on his 114 blocked shots last season, a Gophers men’s basketball record. Occasionally, too, the message was a simple good luck for a Gophers season that continues Monday with their second game, a visit to Providence.

But the rest of the time?

“It’s just people telling me to stay out of foul trouble,” Lynch said. “I’ll just be in Trader Joe’s getting some food and some guy will come up and be like, ‘Don’t foul so much this year.’ I already know I’m not supposed to foul, and I’ll make sure I work on not fouling. I feel like this is the year I figure it out.”

Go Gophers!!
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