Next Week's Gopher Ranking on the CBS

This is what I posted in a different thread.

We "might" get to 8 or 9, but you know how it goes, SEC team A loses to SEC team B and the talk is all about wow Team B is better than we thought. In every other conference, it's oh, Team A maybe wasn't as good as we thought. Of course every SEC team plays ranked teams because their whole league is ranked at the beginning of every season whether it's deserved or not....

Gophers won't get to the Top 5 unless they make it to the B1G Championship undefeated. Really, who cares, just keep winning and worry about ourselves and the recognition will come.


Urban Mayer, Matt leinhart, and that Norte Dame QB all think gophers should live somewhere between 9-12.

We should move ahead of k st, Norte Dame, Baylor, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and penn st. Barring upsets I doubt we move up that much though.


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We will rank lower than expected. I’m seeing all 1 and 2 loss SEC and Big Ten teams above us outranking us


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It's going to be interesting how it all shakes out. Committee kind of painted themselves into a corner. Penn State has comparable best wins with Georgia, Oregon, Utah and Oklahoma. Combine that with their one loss which is WAAAYYYYYYY better than any of the other teams listed losses. How can they putt Penn State clearly below all of the those teams AND lower than Florida, who has 2 losses and comparable wins? I honestly wouldn't be shocked if they keep PSU above us at like 10 or something. I bet we end up 12


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We will rank lower than expected. I’m seeing all 1 and 2 loss SEC and Big Ten teams above us outranking us
There's no excuse for Wisconsin being ranked ahead of us now. Their great win is Michigan who lost to PSU. And the loss to Illinois is pathetic.

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If LSU continues to blowout Alabama do you rank the Gophers ahead of Alabama? I do. Lose at home by 20 and you’re dropping big time.

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It will be a tough story.

We might have the highest 1-week jump in history of the CFP.

The more Alabama loses to LSU by, the better. If they win or make it close, they both will stay up there probably.


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I'm guessing 9...Ohio st, lsu, clemson, alabama, georgia, oregon, utah, penn st ahead of us

Edit: forgot Oklahoma and baylor...will be tough to crack top 10 i think

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