NCAA & WBCA Form D1 Student-Athlete Engagement Group

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Sep 9, 2015
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NCAA Division I women’s basketball has announced the formation of an NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Student-Athlete Engagement Group that will serve as an amplifying voice for women’s basketball on key initiatives, legislation and various issues.

The group, which was formed in collaboration with the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA), is the first of its kind at the NCAA and will have a direct connection to the NCAA Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and will also serve as a conduit of information from and to the WBCA.

“I think it’s an awesome opportunity, and I’m honored to represent not only CU but also the Pac-12,” said Aubrey Knight, a junior guard at Colorado. “It’s a great idea to create this group, especially in a time like this, because there are many questions and concerns different conferences and institutions have to worry about. So having this group allows for a place to talk about all of these issues and concerns.”

The group consists of current NCAA Division I women’s basketball student-athletes from all 32 conferences who were nominated through the WBCA NCAA Division I Conference Captains program that includes a head coach or “captain” in each conference with whom the WBCA communicates regularly on important issues. Each captain submitted the name of a player from their team or conference who they believed would be a good representative for all women’s basketball players in their conference. The term of service for each student-athlete will coincide with athletics eligibility for competition. In addition, the two women’s basketball student-athlete representatives who serve on the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Oversight Committee, Zipporah (Zippy) Broughton of Rutgers and Liz Wood of Chattanooga, will also serve as ex officio members. The group will meet monthly via teleconference/videoconference.

“This is such an important time for us to provide a forum for women’s basketball student-athletes across the country to talk to one another and for us to listen,” said Lynn Holzman, vice president of women’s basketball at the NCAA. “In support of women’s basketball strategic plan, we will listen to what is important and happening with our student-athletes, and we will listen to their advice about the ongoing growth and development of our sport.”
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