Mason on Washington: "He’s very talented he’s going to really help us out."


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Marcus' Q&A:

Q: How long did it take to get back to playing form after you injured your hip in the NCAA tournament loss?

NM: I’m still not exactly where I want to be. I got hurt. I was sidelined for 2 ½ months. I gained a little weight. This summer was about getting back in shape. I went back home. I’m probably in the best shape of my life right now. So I’m looking forward to this year and the season.

I was cleared a month before we got to go home. So I got to practice a little bit and do individuals. I wasn’t able to do as much with (freshmen). So this (fall) will be a learning experience. The (newcomers) are definitely going to help us out. They’re very talented.

Q: What are your impressions of freshman guard Isaiah Washington?

NM: He’s very talented he’s going to really help us out. He’s got a lot of different moves that you have to be able to cover. He’s definitely going to help me out and keep on top of my game. I’m looking forward to playing with him. It’s going to be a fun experience. It’s definitely going to be exciting to watch both of us on the same team in the Barn.

Q: Has Pitino talked to you about playing with Washington in the backcourt together at times?

NM: Yeah for sure. Like I said I got my weight down. Whatever coach is for I’m down with. I trust his judgement and vision. He’s going to put us in the best position to win.

Q: You’re used to being overlooked during your career. What does it feel like to get a lot of respect going into the season?

NM: They’re definitely rankings us. There are a lot of expectations. We’ve got to be able to handle it. It’s going to be different for us. Coach has been doing a great job of teaching us how to handle it. So I think we’ll be ready for it.

Go Gophers!!
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