Kamal Martin injury watch thread


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Not that it means anything, but he was sitting on the cart rather than laying down according to what I saw from someone at the game.

That's awful. He was a huge part of their defensive success. Unless I missed it, the broadcast team has made no mention of his status. You would think a player of his importance would get some mention, even if he does only play for our lowly Gophers (sarcasm).


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It’s for sure his knee? Thought maybe it was ankle.
On the video that looked more like ankle then knee to me. Guess we will have to sit back and hope for the best. Hopefully something he can come back from after some rehab.

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Too bad.

We've been very fortunate with injuries up to this point so it felt like we were due for something like this. Still, we've been more fortunate than a lot of teams on that front like like Maryland and Purdue.


This is the worst.

I hope he is ok.
We were due for one of these. I mean, we were halfway through the season, and no major injuries other than the QB (which may have not been as bad as we thought). In the sport of football it's nearly impossible not to have multiple major players go down.

Count ourselves lucky this is the only major injury we have had so far. Most teams have almost half a dozen or more. Obviously we don't want more (no team does), but we were due for at least one.

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Will need to see the replay but sure looked like his foot was planted, upper leg was rotating at a different rate than the lower leg which generally bad. Really hope I’m wrong and well could be. At minimum he’s probably out for several weeks. This is obviously a major loss as Sori Marin seems like a drop off at LB right now. Will need one of both of 14 or 8 to be an instinctive playmaker or to mature quickly.


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At a minimum, hopefully, he’ll be OK in time for the combine. If it’s an ACL, obviously he’s SOL. That’s why I don’t blame players who skip meaningless bowl games to prepare for the draft.

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