Jarvis Thomas on Playing with AAU Teammates: "It’s awesome. We are already in sync."

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Nov 3, 2008
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Jarvis Thomas on Playing with AAU Teammates: "It’s awesome. We are already in sync."

GopherHole Q&A: Gophers Commit Jarvis Thomas on Playing with AAU Teammates: "It’s awesome. We are already in sync."
By Chris Monter


Jarvis Thomas, a 6-foot-8, 220-pound senior forward from Orono (MN) High, committed to Minnesota last month. He is one of the top wings in the Midwest in the Class of 2018 and is considered the number three prospect in the Class of Minnesota.

Thomas averaged 15.9 points per game as he helped Orono to a 23-6 record, losing to six-time defending Class AAA state champion DeLaSalle 71-68 in the Class AAA, Section 6 finals. He scored in double figures in 24 of 29 games with five games of more than 20 points, including a season-high 27 points versus Waconia and New Prague.

Gopher Hole caught up with Thomas recently after the Tre Jones announcement to Duke to learn the latest on his college choice and upcoming season.

Gopher Hole: It has been a little while since you committed to Minnesota. What is the feeling like now that you have all that done?

Jarvis Thomas: It is great knowing where I am going. Now I know what I need to work on, what Coach Pitino has told me what I need to get done and they set up with actually a few little workouts. They just sent me some stuff on paper, so I have doing those pretty hard lately.

Gopher Hole: How does it feel to have Daniel (Oturu) and Gavbe (Kalscheur) joining you next year?

Jarvis Thomas: It’s awesome. I figured that we were going to get four, but you can only wish so much. I still think that we will be fine, assuming Isaiah Washington is still there. We’ll have a good point guard. A solid point guard. That was really the only thing that I was worried about.

Gopher Hole: You guys have gotten so close playing over the summer. What does mean to have those two playing with you in the future?

Jarvis Thomas: It’s awesome. We are already in sync. I’m pretty that me and Gabe are rooming with each other, too.

Gopher Hole: What is the latest with football? What is going on with that?

Jarvis Thomas: Football, I’m not playing this year.

Gopher Hole: Was that kind of a hard decision? I know that basketball has been your thing, but you have always enjoyed playing football. How tough was it to not play as a senior?

Jarvis Thomas: It is hard, but I understand that it is for the better. If I really want to try to take this thing to the league, I have to start to lock in now. I have already locked it in.
Gopher Hole: How much confidence did you gain from the very strong spring and summer you had played AAU basketball and how much confidence does that give you going into your senior year?

Jarvis Thomas: A lot. A lot more confidence. You compared the competition of the EYBL to the Minnesota high school league, it’s not really night and day, but you obviously play against better players in the EYBL.

Gopher Hole: Are you pleasantly surprised how much your game has improved in the last six months to a year?

Jarvis Thomas: Definitely.

Gopher Hole: What areas of your game do you think that you have improved the most in?

Jarvis Thomas: I am confident with the ball. Taking shots definitely. Shooting the three-ball some and being able to attack the rack.

Gopher Hole: With not playing football, what things are you really going to be working on to continue to improve yourself as a player?

Jarvis Thomas: Shooting and dribbling, for sure.

Gopher Hole: Obviously, you guys had a great year last season, just coming up a little bit short against DeLaSalle, a team that you are going to have to get past again. What would it mean to maybe get to the state tournament for your senior year?

Jarvis Thomas: Everything. Definitely everything that I‘ve been working for. I would love it. I want to be the one to take it from DeLaSalle. I want Orono to be the team that takes it from DeLaSalle.

Gopher Hole: What does Gabe say about that?

Jarvis Thomas: I mean, obviously, he has a few choice words. Let have a new slogan thing, TF something. He won’t tell me what it means. Usually they do that every year.

Gopher Hole: What will it mean to walk on the floor of Williams Arena as a Minnesota kid playing for the homestate school for your first game as a freshman?

Jarvis Thomas: It will be like surreal. I see the love that Michael Hurt gets or Amir. Every time that they step on the floor or go to check in, the crowd erupts. I can’t even put words on it.

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Jun 14, 2016
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I love that he seems to have a chip on his shoulder about Tre choosing Duke over Minnesota. I am sure he is happy and everything for him but gotta think it stings a little bit for the Pulley guys coming here.


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Nov 20, 2008
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I am hearing that this kid is starting to develop a nice shooting stroke from long range and that his ability to work on and improve his game has been really good. The future is bright for Jarvis!
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