How Americans can hold Trump accountable if Congress won't


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Dec 5, 2010
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Here's a few ideas to make sure former President Trump feels the pain he has inflicted on our country:

If you work at a company, belong to an organization or trade association or an institution of higher education,
let your bosses know that you won't tolerate paying Trump to come speak at events, conferences or any sort of engagement. Don't wait until he's booked, let them know in advance that he's not welcome.

We all buy books from the major publishers. Let them know you will no longer buy their books if they sign Trump to a book deal. Tell your local officials to stay away from Trump. No renaming of airports, highways or public buildings -- I might exclude toxic waste dumps and landfills from this list, however. If they don't listen, vote them out of office.

Make sure the Trump Organization is not afforded any the tax breaks for building in your community. And no donations of land for a Presidential library. Let him build it in the smoking room at Mar-a-Lago.
No awards or honors should be bestowed from your town, group or organization. No commencement speeches or honorary degrees from colleges and universities. In fact, following the example of Lehigh University, revoke a degree if it has already been awarded. If you are an author, make clear you won't work with publishers that do business with Trump.

No throwing out the first pitch at the World Series. No invitation to toss the coin for the Super Bowl or drop the ball at the World Cup. And Olympics -- forget about it. Want to get him where it really hurts? Pressure the golf governing bodies to sever all ties with him and his golf courses.

At a local club, make sure the pro knows they'll be no playing privileges. If he wants to play, he either has to own the course or join the hackers at the local public course. The PGA (who just announced the 2022 PGA Championship will not be played at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey) might offer him a deal -- privileges will be restored after a PGA official follows him for a year to record his real score and enter it into the handicap system.

If you work in the finance industry, tell your leadership they must say no to any requests for financing from the Trump Organization. If they hold debt, tell them to call it January 21. If you're an investor, tell your broker or bank just say no to Trump or your money will walk.

We can also pressure Congress to take further action. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires a former President be afforded the protection of the Secret Service. Also, nothing that says he deserves a million dollars a year for travel and a generous pension and healthcare plan. And of course, there should be no right to a state funeral.

Finally, and most importantly, show no tolerance for anyone in our judicial system who seeks special protection for crimes committed either before, after or during his presidency. Trump doesn't have to be found guilty of sedition to punished for his behavior. See the Al Capone example: By all accounts, Capone murdered dozens of people but only went to jail for tax evasion.

And law firms that seek to help Trump can and should be boycotted by organizations large and small.
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