Healthcare workers balk at receiving Covid vaccine

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Aug 18, 2013
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I'll get the vaccine when my time comes (I'm thinking maybe by the end of 2021). I'm not really concerned about it and I figure I will have to do it since I travel for my job. I still find it a bit concearning when a notable number of health professionsals that know and understand this stuff refuse to take it. This isn't the first story indicating that to be the case.
It’s mainly nurses/assistants that are heavy into the anti vax conspiracy theories. I’m as cynical as anyone of the pharma industry motivations and amorality (and try to be open-minded on the autism issue) but some of the stuff out there is laughably ludicrous...and there is always the rare PhD or MD looking to make some money and notoriety catering to these folks, or have lost their marbles in some cases.
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