"GOLD OUT" for Wisconsin Game?

Will there be a "GOLD OUT"/


    Votes: 23 37.7%
  • NO! Minny fans already bought Maroon gear!

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  • I could care less, because AXE!!!!!

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I'm predicting a "GOLD OUT" for the final home game against Wisconsin for the following reasons:

1. Already helped Bookstore and Goldy's sell Maroon merchandise, now it's time to tax the GOLD inventory!


No further argument needed as FULL BANANA says it all!

Go Gophers!


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Full banana works for me but if undefeated, I wonder if they go with something special we have not seen...like throwbacks recognizing the last undefeated season?


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The ONLY time we should attempt a gold out is early in the year when the weather is warm. Unless we plan to give people something gold to put over their coats a gold out in late November won't work. Doesn't have to be anything official, just encourage people to wear Maroon and bring their gold towels. And then have a bunch more towels ready to hand out to anyone that needs one.


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Gold rain parkas are very fashionable!

And the GOLD Hockey Seaters are very nice and roomy to fit over jackets!

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I agree with those who say a Gold Out isn't likely to work because people don't have gold winter gear. They tried a Gold Out against Wisconsin early on in this stadium's lifespan and it was a massive failure due to it being a rainy and cold October day, not to mention really poor promotion of the event. Skip color outs for the battle for the Axe. Just get Gophers fans in the house and tell them to wear whatever Gopher gear they have. By college football color out standards, the Maroon Out didn't actually move the needle. Lots of people wore maroon, but it was not universal and you could look at a crowd shot and simply think people were wearing team colors rather than actually being part of some color out movement. Do a Maroon Out for Iowa next season when the game is in mid September and have a sponsor put free t-shirts on the seats or to hand out on the way in.


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Gold Out September 19, 2020 when Iowa comes to town. Maroon Out for Wisconsin. A lot more people have Maroon sweaters, not that many have gold sweaters.


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Why would you do a gold out against a yellow team?

I guess maybe it would mask any IA fans
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I'll be wearing my beloved maroon Gopher parka regardless of weather it's a Gold Out or not. Maybe a gold hat, gloves or scarf.
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