Georgia to do full audit & hand recount of all Presidential votes


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Feb 23, 2014
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To be fair, while not a sign of fraud, failing to log 5,800 votes is a pretty dumb mistake.
Sure, but let's remember that there are an enormous number of precincts across the US. According to precinct level spreadsheet of the 2016 general election that I downloaded from the Minnesota Secretary of State's office, there were 4,120 precincts in Minnesota alone! Considering that Minnesota represents perhaps 1.7% of the US population, that should give you an idea that the number of precincts across the nation runs into the hundreds of thousands.

When you have that many people, most of them volunteers and many of them elderly, working at that many de-centralized locations, for long hours during a hectic time, there are going to be mistakes and things inevitably will be misplaced, forgotten, or entered incorrectly.
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