'Everyone has had enough': How George Floyd's death has impacted Gophers guard Gabe Kalscheur


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Fox9:

Gabe Kalscheur’s life had already changed quite a bit since mid-March, when the Big Ten Tournament got canceled after two games, as did the rest of the college basketball season, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Things changed yet again, and for vastly different reasons, after the Memorial Day death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. A black man killed by a white police officer, who has since been fired and charged with murder. The three other officers to respond to the scene, now also fired and charged with aiding and abetting murder.

In the days to come, the streets of south Minneapolis looked more like a war zone than a community after protesters and rioters took over. Small businesses, many owned by minorities, burned to the ground or looted. Add the police department’s Third Precinct to that list. Kalscheur, who will be a junior with the Gophers’ men’s basketball team in the fall, is still coming to grips with it all. He spoke with Andy Katz, a college basketball expert with Big Ten Network and Fox Sports, Tuesday morning about the aftermath.

“It’s been crazy. It felt like a movie, everything that was going on. It was crazy that this was in our community, our backyard,” Kalscheur told Katz.

Floyd’s death sparked weeks of protesting, both peaceful and violent, in Minneapolis and across the globe. It’s not the first time a black man has died an in incident involving police. So why the outpouring of emotion now? Kalscheur had a powerful answer for Katz.

“Everyone has had enough of the murders and crimes that have been covered up by the government and by police. I just think everyone has had enough, and it was time to stand up and show action,” Kalscheur said.

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