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Nov 24, 2008
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My thoughts exactly.

A rebound for the Wildcats. The Wildcats dribble down the court. Stolen by the Tigers. Tigers go the other way. Shot by the Tigers. It won't go in. Rebound by the Wildcats. Wildcats bring the ball down. Wildcats shoot, and it doesn't fall.

(Never mentioned the school or town. Any badly missed shot "doesn't fall in", "Bounces out", or "Won't go in". There was never any insinuation that the ball didn't go into the hoop because of how it was shot. Play by play was always conducted in a way where it sounded like sheer chance whether the ball would ever end up in the hoop or not).
This brought back a memory for me and so, channeling my inner Mr. Peabody and taking you all with me as a group of Shermans into my Wayback Machine, I want to set the dial to 1977 and the Minnesota Boys State Basketball tournament when it was carried on independent WTCN (now NBC-affiliated KARE) and their sportscaster Joe Boyle did the play-by-play.

The 1976-77 Minneapolis Central High School team had their nicknames on the back of their jerseys as opposed to their given names and for whatever reason, Boyle didn't have a program in front of him so he called the entire game with only the Central players' nicknames. Central had a player (Melvin Armstrong if I'm not mistaken) whose nickname was Sir Dunk and they had a super quick guard named Joey Wilburn whose jersey just read "Joey." Wilburn was the ball handler, so for most of the game you heard Boyle "Joey brings the ball up the court. Pass into Sir Dunk. Back out to Joey and he sets up the offense. Joey penetrates. Off to Sir Dunk. Sir Dunk puts it in."

I can't remember any of the other nicknames, but Boyle never called anyone by their given name the entire game. My buddies and I were just rolling on the floor.
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