Congressperson Maxine Waters calling for violence


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Feb 2, 2009
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It’s a political argument, not a legal one,” Ken White, a First Amendment attorney and former federal prosecutor, said on Tuesday. “There’s no legal doctrine to quote. There’s no ‘You Did Something Like It, And Therefore It’s Fine’ doctrine that I’m aware of.”

"As for Waters, Clyburn maintained that the congresswoman was merely echoing the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when she told protesters in the Minneapolis area on Saturday to “get more active” and “get more confrontational” should Chauvin be found not guilty."

Scrubbed version and scrubbed version:

Regarding the shooting you are linking to Congressperson Waters? Was the shooting the same day as the verdict? Assuming it was the same day and the verdict was guilty on all counts, shouldn't the shooter have stood back and stood by?

This was and is a very circular political argument. It was political from the beginning and yet another normalization attempt. I have no interest in continuing it.

Waters would have been fine if she simply organized and encouraged a violent riot at the capital.
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