Chip: Richard Pitino, relaxed and ready, embraces Gophers 'thinking big' confidence


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Nov 11, 2008
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per Chip:

At Big Ten media day, Pitino overheard Nate Mason and Jordan Murphy talk goals, stating their desire to win the Big Ten.

“I like the fact that they’re thinking big,” he said. “And I love the fact that they said it publicly so I can dangle it back in their face every opportunity I get.”

Can you tell this is a loose bunch? Pitino faces a different kind of challenge, though. NBA scouts attend practices for the first time since he arrived. The Gophers have legitimate pro prospects now, which is wonderful as long as individual ambition doesn’t interfere with team objectives.

The Gophers excelled last season because they played egoless basketball. Five players averaged between 8.4 and 15.5 points per game. Chemistry and selflessness became their identity.

“If we play the right way,” Pitino said, “everybody can get theirs in the end.”

Go Gophers!!
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