CBS: 68 things to get excited about for the 2017-18 season (#64 & #65 Minnesota)


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Nov 11, 2008
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per CBS:

64. Meantime, Richard Pitino is doing OK
This time last year the younger Pitino was on everybody's hot-seat list at Minnesota. Now he's coming off of an NCAA Tournament appearance and in charge of a preseason top-15 team. It goes to show how quickly everything can change. I mean, this time last year, how insane would it have been if I would've told you that, in November 2017, Rick Pitino would be fired at Louisville but Richard Pitino would be in possession of a preseason top-15 team at Minnesota? Would anybody have believed me?

65. Minnesota at Providence on Monday
Everybody, myself included, is looking forward to Tuesday's Champions Classic. But there's a sneaky good game scheduled for Monday night -- specifically Minnesota vs. Providence. I have the Friars ranked 26th in the preseason Top 25 (and one). That means I believe Ed Cooley will be in the NCAA Tournament for a fifth consecutive year. Either way, this will be a game featuring Richard Pitino coaching against the school where his father became a coaching star. So don't be surprised if Rick Pitino is in attendance.

Go Gophers!!
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