Bornhoft: Gophers Go 8-0 After Star Tribune Columnist Called Coach 'Turkey'


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per Bornhoft:

The Minnesota Gophers destroyed the Nebraska Cornhuskers Saturday night on primetime, 34-7. The Gophers are now 6-0 on the 2019 season and are officially bowl-eligible.

They've also won eight-straight games, dating back to the 2018 season. It's Minnesota's longest winning streak since the 40's.

Another interesting stat? Minnesota's head coach, PJ Fleck, has led his team to eight-straight victories since Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse named him the 2018 "Turkey of the Year." Reusse awards the Turkey title each year to a Minnesota sports figure who flops in a big way.

Perhaps the award was given to Fleck prematurely. Or maybe it was the motivation this team needed.

Either way, Fleck has the Gophers "rowing" at full speed.

Go Gophers!!


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Pat flatters himself thinking he's able to call anyone a turkey. He's an angry old fake, the Robert Tilton of sports "journalists", that I haven't listened to or read in years.


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It’s a shame Pat is such a stubborn dude and cannot admit he was wrong and enjoy this. I know he loves him some Gopher football.


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How do you know Pat isn’t enjoying the Gophers success?

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Have you listened to him over the years?

I heard him say something to the affect earlier this year that hopefully the gophers are bad, and if they aren't, we can always mock the fans on gopherhole. That's not word for word, but it was something exactly like that.

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