All Things Tre' Williams Recruit Thread - UPDATED: Tre Williams Signs With Gophers!


Yea I just saw that, went from 186 to as high as 107, back down to 164 over period of Jan thru April. Quite the roller coaster ride. Based on film I’ve seen, he seems to lack some physicality. Glad to hear he’s getting on campus in June to start lifting program. Good news is that rankings don’t mean a whole lot if a program can develop a kid/he’s willing to work.


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Can not promise how well he will do but i can tell you to ignore the ranking fall. Those are done by people who are really not very good at evaluation. Any moron can do the top 10-20 but after that you need a keen evaluator. Coaches do not use these hacks. They have their own scouts. I could list dozens of kids ranked below 200 that became all conference, final 4, national champion good. This player has some of the intangibles i speak highly of and those do not measure as much value as they should to these internet site. If he had signed with lets say IU, they would have bumped him up 25 spots. They likely have never seen him in person.

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Anyone notice Tre Williams ranking plummeted with the last 247 ranking released on 4/30 from 109 to 164?

What would’ve changed since February in their ranking?
Thats because his ESPN ranking finally kicked in on his composite score. Tre never should have been ranked that high on the composite to begin with and it made no sense.

His individual rankings on Rivals, 247 and ESPN are all the same so the evaluators didn't actually drop him, it's just the composite ranking finally factored in his ESPN ranking which should have always been the case but wasn't for some reason.
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